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Fannie Mae

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Consumer Handbook on Adjustable-Rate Mortgages

HUD Settlement Cost Booklet

Do's & Don'ts

During the Mortgage
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During the Mortgage
Process Do not

  • Ask any questions that you may have

  • Do send documents back in a timely manner

  • Provide your closing attorney with current Title Insurance Policy for reissue rates

  • Tell us if your House is:
    • on a Private Road
    • currently listed for sale
    • held in a Trust/Estate
    • currently under construction or renovations
    • drinking water supply is from a well
  • Tell us if you:
    • know of any title issues, liens, or judgments
    • have unusual (to the area) features or buildings/structures on the property
    • are currently in the middle of any other major financial transactions
    • plan on changing jobs
  • Get your credit pulled by other companies

  • Buy any big ticket items

  • Move money around or make any untraceable cash deposits

  • Quit or Retire from current employment

  • Open any new credit accounts